Tax & technology

Taking tax to the next level

Preparing for the future

The rise of legal technology is rapidly changing the way we approach tax law. This course seeks to explore the current technological trends as well as the tax-related transformations they may bring. With this course, we hope to prepare the future generation of tax lawyers for the legal technology era by bridging the gap between tax and technology.

Data warehousing

Public data legislation

Big data

Infrastructure and architecture


Tax administration

Implications of fraud detection

Cross border applications

Taxpayer analysis

Data ethics and security

Information asymmetry

Automation of law

Artificial Intelligence


Robotic Process Automation


Data management

Tax data sources

Bookkeeping and tax in financial systems

ERP vendors

Tax integration and reporting in ERP

Tax modules and configurations

data exchange & reporting

Implications of dirty data

Data quality and standardization

Webservices and API's

Standards for data reporting

Risks & responsibilities

Data analytics

Privacy & data security

Legal EU framework and concepts


Charter of the fundamental EU rights

ECJ case law